Monday, May 8, 2017

Who's to Blame?

How easy it is to dismiss our contributions.
How easily we say, 
"Well, that's nothing to do with me"
"I have no part in this."
"That's just the way he/she is".
"It's not my fault."

We forget our inter-connectedness.
We forget that what I do affects you
and what you do affects me.
We forget to care.
We forget to love.

We are all responsible
and while it is much easier
and feels so much better
to blame the other
to blame the one
we don't like anyway,
we all have our part.

When something tragic happens,
each of us has a piece.
And when something beautiful occurs,
we all can claim a small bit.

But that starts with the hard work
of remembering
who we are
and who you are...